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Recent Work

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VR Metaverse Stadium


WEBGL - 3D Interactive


Lab Data Gen
WEBGL - 3D Interactive


Weather App
Virtual Reality


3D Graphics + Interaction Design


UNO The Monkey - iOS
Game Design


Rohann Dorabjee

  • Versatile Digital Innovator: I am a multifaceted professional uniquely blending roles as an Interaction Designer, 3D Artist, and Technological Innovator. My journey crosses the realms of academia and industry, where I've honed my skills in 3D modeling, immersive experiences, spatial computing and interaction design.

    Expertise in Immersive Technologies: Specializing in augmented, virtual, and mixed realities, I've developed a deep understanding of the evolving digital landscape through rigorous academic research and hands-on industry practice.

    Academic Excellence and Industry Application: My academic pursuits, culminating in honors research focused on spatial computing, have provided profound insights into user interaction in digital spaces. This theoretical knowledge, combined with practical industry engagements, enables me to craft intuitive and engaging digital experiences.

  • Passion for Gaming and Community Contribution: Beyond professional endeavors, I am passionate about digital content creation in gaming. Contributing actively to the UGC (User-Generated Content) developer community, I share textures and models, enriching the collective repository.

  • Comprehensive Skill Set: My expertise spans UI/UX design, interaction design, rapid prototyping, 3D modeling, and more. I am proficient in a range of software, including Adobe XD, Unity, Unreal Engine, and various 3D modeling tools.

  • Commitment to Engaging User Experiences: The fusion of my academic depth and hands-on expertise in cutting-edge technologies fuels my drive to create user experiences that are not only engaging but also enriched with the latest advancements in digital technology.

Software - Skills
    VREX Digital Studios
    6 year - ongoing

    In charge of building VR solutions based on client specifications, demonstrating adaptability and innovation across diverse industries.


    • BSS (2023): Developed a live stadium VR experience with multiplayer capabilities using Meta Avatars, enhancing live event participation.
    • Shoe Yoh, UNSW (2022): Conceptualized and executed a 3D WebGL build for UNSW, in charge of optimizing web performance and visual quality.
    • CrocEscape (2019 - 2020): Developed a procedural “endless runner” game, using Unity. Crafted 3D Models, animation, UI, and concept art design.
    • Unopia (2018 - 2020): An adventure game made in Unity, focused on 3D design, UI design, optimization, texture work and material creation.
    • Milestone Homes NZ (2016-2018): Designed a customizable 3D neighborhood for Milestone Homes NZ, enhancing over 5,000 architectural visualizations.

    University of Queensland - Faculty of Science
    2 years - Dec 2023

    Primary Role: 3D implementation & interaction design for UQs Lab Data Generator.

    • Developed real-time 3D visualization for virtual experiments using Unity, to enhance content delivery.
    • Led interaction design and UI development for online activities, improving user engagement.
    • Created detailed 3D models, realistic lighting, textures, and materials, ensuring high-quality visual outputs.

    USYD - Faculty of Science
    3 years

    Unity Developer & 3D Artist for the 'Data Lab Generator' WebGL project.

    • Designed the 'Data Lab Generator' WebGL project, crafting over 40 unique 3D virtual simulations for individual courses.
    • Enhanced user experience by developing intuitive UX/UI interactions for various platforms, including desktop, touchscreen, and mobile.
    • Achieved WebGL optimization, leading to a tool used by over 10,000 students, significantly improving educational accessibility.
    • Created engaging walkthrough videos and interactive tutorials, and trained academic staff, enhancing the digital learning experience.

    University of Sydney
    2 years

    Courses Led: DECO1017 (Principles of Animation), DECO2018 (3D Modelling & Fabrication), and DECO3009 (Designing for Virtual Reality).

    • Taught foundational animation principles, integrated 2D & 3D compositions.
    • Trained staff to use industry-standard 3D printing and VR prototyping.
    • Utilize tools such as 3Ds Max and Blender for teaching.
    • Emphasized interactive design for immersive VR environments.
    • Guided students in UV mapping and modifying 3D polygon models.
    • Highlighted the importance and techniques of lighting and composition.
    Urban Housing Lab - University of Sydney
    2 years

    • Directed the design and implementation of an interactive web platform, improving the reach and impact of urban housing research. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create user-friendly designs, elevating user engagement and website traffic.
    • Facilitated increased visibility of academic research, aiding in the promotion of publications and awards.

    6 months

    Augmented Reality (AR) Projects:

    • Bugaboo: An interactive 3D visualization app, enhancing user engagement.
    • Australian Navy: Pioneered in optimizing intricate LIDAR 3D scans for an AR app.
    • Creating 3D models in 3Ds Max and textures in Substance Painter, compiling AR-optimized models.
    • Animations: Crafted intuitive animations, elevating user experiences in AR settings.
    • LIDAR Integration: Specialized in refining LIDAR scans for seamless AR application performance.

    University of Sydney
    5 years

    • Instructed courses in Information Visualization and 3D Modelling, mentoring over 150 students.
    • Provided training in LOD modeling, and UV maps, enhancing students' technical and creative skills.

Mixed Realities Workshop - Co-Facilitator
Sydney Design Festival 2016
2 session workshop

During this workshop, my responsibility was to teach participants about current trends, interaction design challenges of mixed reality apps, and learning basics in Unity Engine.

Virtual and Augmented Reality Workshop - Facilitator
Life @ Sydney - Design Lab
2 day workshops - 2015 - 2016

This session involved activities in which participants were taught how to design digital products with the Oculus Rift VR headset.

Bachelor of Design Computing (Honours) First Class
University of Sydney
2012 - 2016

I completed my Bacehlors degree at USYD, along with an additional year doing my Honours, focused on research.
For many years, the primary form of digital interaction has been with desktop computers, portable devices like mobile phones and touchscreen tablets. As the new generation of Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) are beginning to make the much-anticipated arrival of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

NZQA Achievement with Merit
Pakuranga College
2006 - 2010


Martin Tomitsch

"I have known Rohann Dorabjee in my capacity as Lecturer and Program Director for the Bachelor of Design Computing since 2013. Rohann undertook the Interaction Design Studio which I taught in 2013. He immediately stood out from the rest of the class for his eagerness to learn, his willingness to help others, and his polite and welcoming character. His academic achievements were equally outstanding. His marks in the two final studios in his 3rd year were 93/100 in Semester 1 (Information Visualisation Studio) and 95/100 in Semester 2 (Human-­Experience Studio), placing him within the top 5% of students in his year.

While still being a student in his 3rd year, Rohann was offered a teaching role in our 3D Modelling unit, which is testament to his level of knowledge as well as his ability to convey this knowledge to others. He continues to teach for us until today, taking on a lead role in our Animation and Motion Design unit. Students praise him as being one of the best and most engaging lecturers in our program. Listening to Rohann delivering a lecture feels a bit like sitting in a movie at the cinema.

Equally he is greatly respected by his peers and greatly appreciated by all my colleagues. No matter who you talk to, everyone gives glowing reports about his performance and character."

Director of Innovation - Education Enterprise & Engagement, Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Hanley Wang

"Rohann has a very strong design process which is evident in his final products. Combined with his consistent progress checks and consideration of clients, and target audience - he produces highly polished works."

Technologist at Google Creative Lab

Nikash Singh

"To no one’s surprise the year after, Rohann was invited to complete an Honours year to distinguish his exceptional achievement with a research project of his own invention. It cannot be said with enough emphasis that Rohann single-handedly established a new culture in enigmatic and eminent presentation at the Design Lab by exceeding expectations in delivering his probation presentation. To this day it is considered the gold standard of quality in presentation and is regularly cited as the measure of unparalleled effort demonstrated by any student to exhibit their work engagingly. Anecdotally, many students and Lecturers alike since have referred to it as “Rohann’s TED talk”. He garnished his noteworthy undergraduate accomplishments by achieving Honours: First class.

More recently I have come to consider Rohann a capable peer and colleague rather than a former student. He has consolidated his scholastic achievements by publishing in reputable peer-reviewed academic conferences in the HCI community. He has developed a prototype that utilises the best in emerging technologies and tantalises us with the future of Human machine interaction, in a self-taught and independent manner that - it must be said - demonstrates his ability to learn rapidly and span the creative-technical divide with ease. And as a final flourish, I hear on a regular basis that my enthusiasm in teaching has been met and even surpassed by Rohann’s infectious love of what he does.

Senior UX Consultant at Commonwealth Bank
Research Papers
Conference Publications

As technology is progressing, there is an increasing need to study current trends in user and developer communities, and to contextualise them within the ongoing evolution of human-computer interfaces.

In this paper, we specifically focus on mixed reality (MR) within immersed simulations enabled through combining VR headsets with vision sensors.

View Paper

Honours Thesis

A large body of research from the last three decades has laid the foundation for the concepts now emerging in the market. There has been little focus on the analysis of consumer user interfaces being produced for these new platforms. As technology is progressing, there is an increasing need to study current trends in user and developer communities, and to contextualise them within the ongoing evolution of human-computer interfaces.

View Thesis

Publications & Exibitions
Design@Dusk (2016)

Design @ Dusk, a new talk series on design and design research brought to you by the Design Lab and the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning at the University of Sydney. As the sun goes down, join us for three fast-paced talks exploring design at dusk, accompanied by drinks and nibbles. Design @ Dusk #1 will feature talks by Design Lab’s own Rohann Dorabjee and Claudia Nunez-Pacheco, along with visiting speaker Tom Bieling from the Berlin University of the Arts.

Ozchi conference - Being Human (2015)

OzCHI is the annual non-profit conference for the Computer-Human Interaction Special Interest Group (CHISIG) and Australia's leading forum for the latest in HCI research and practice. OzCHI attracts a broad international community of researchers, industry practitioners, academics and students.

Anthelion (2015)

Anthelion is the culmination of work from the Bachelor of Design Computing at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning, University of Sydney.The exhibition showcased a unique convergence of design and technology across an array of digital and physical works. The primary attraction of our opening night will be the robotic bar. Students demonstrated their interactive prototypes that allow visitors to order their drinks through games, facial recognition and much more.

Visually Defiant (2014)

The University of Sydney 2014 Design Lab graduate exhibition was conceptualised, designed and produced by a group of students from the graduating class of Bachelor of Design Computing.